A business directory is a website of information which lists businesses within niche based categories. Businesses can be categorized by niche, location, activity, or size. Business may be compiled either manually or through an automated online search software.

TopofNY is a business listing site where you will see a list of registered businesses with their basic credentials. Making it easy to find the desired service provider.

With many directories sorting business listings by location, it is much easier for potential customers to find your company. If you are persistent with finding directories, and posting your website and information on it, the advantage you have over competitors only increases

By placing your business on TopofNY, you’ll gain a lot of exposure. Getting listed would amplify your online presence and put you ahead of the competition. Free or inexpensive advertising. As mentioned above, you can list your business for free or at a low cost.

The information shown in a directory regarding a given business will normally include the business name, address and contact details, opening hours, photos, inbound links to the business website, and directions.

  1. Open HomePage (https://topofny.com/)
  2. Click Create My Business Listings
  3. Choose a Business Category relevant to your Business
  4. Choose a Plan
  5. Add your Business Details
  6. Done. Now wait for an Approval

It takes 24-48 hours for a new business listing to appear.

Yes, You can reach to us via Phone, Email or Chat for any help

You can place your Business details on multiple directory websites to enhance your listing without removing them from other directory sites. 

Having your own Business Site is Good. But You will get all these additional benefits of listing your business with us like – Enhance your Online Presence, Improve Your SEO,  Strengthen Your Reputation, Brand Awareness, Rank Higher in Search Engines, Get Discovered Easily.

Yes, of course. By having a TopofNY Listing customers will be able to find directions to your shop front using Geo Maps.

By having an online appearance you should be able to reach numerous customers. Online Promotions will help you to get reach to other nearby areas and open new opportunities for business advertising.

It is very easy to get listed if you carefully follow a Step-by-Step process.

Yes, that’s a fixed cost including all the taxes.

Yes, you can cancel or change the plan anytime

You can reach our mentioned Phone lines, Email and Chat for any other questions. 

Appearing in multiple business directories increases brand awareness.

A Paid listing is a listing which is highlighted, and more prominent than regular listings.

Local citations are simply online listings of business information. These listings are designed to help local searchers find relevant details about a business within their geographic area.

If you have any issues then please contact me on mentioned numbers, email or chat. 

Creating or updating your business profile on a directory site will undoubtedly increase brand visibility. When you add your company information on a directory website, the more likely users are to see your logo and identify with your brand and what you offer.