In today’s competitive real estate market, you could build your empire by partnering with agents and brokerages to promote their business. This includes digital marketing (such as Facebook ads), traditional advertising like billboards or print materials that provide an overall strategy for increasing ROI on investments made in this industry. Here some reasons why you should use this method and a few of many ideas on what you can implement in terms of real estate marketing:




Marketing is important in your real estate business because it’s the primary method of communication to let potential customers know who you are and what exactly to do. There’s a saying that goes; “It isn’t about how much we know, but WHO Knows US.” It Is ABSOLUTELY TRUE especially In THE BUSINESS WORLD! It’s Even MORE Important TO MAKE SURE THOSE PEOPLE KNOW YOU AS WELL!. Let me say this…Marketing can be tricky sometimes when there have been setbacks or things don’t seem as successful as usual–but remember: If nobody knows YOUR NAME then all those accomplishments were FOR NOTHING!! Great marketing sets you apart from your competition, and as this article points out there is A LOT OF COMPETITION. Too many real estate agents practice the wrong type of marketing-confusing their clients more than they educate them! Marketing can be important because without potential buyers or renters in a business’ seat then that company will have no customers at all (even if it’s successful)! The real estate market is tough, but it’s not impossible. A lot of people are failing at this and you don’t want to be one of them! Social Media Marketing can help with the closing rates by keeping your potential clients coming back for more business or referring their friends–which means huge payoffs in return on time spent marketing online rather than working hard trying to get new prospects through doors cold (and risking losing those who already know about us). The real estate agent is a competitive industry. A recent study found that 87% of them fail during their first year! Social media marketing can help you grow your referral network and generate more income so starting this blog seemed like an investment worth making for me personally as well as in general terms, while also helping other people succeed with theirs’ too by sharing knowledge when possible- all without breaking the bank or overworking yourself either which seems impossible these days but absolutely achievable if we really put our minds into it and energy. Here are a few of many many ideas for real estate marketing:


  • MAKE YOUR OWN VIDEOS – The power of video is undeniable. From stunning commercials to short messages, videos are everywhere and can be an effective way for realtors like yourself to promote themselves in today’s digital age! However you choose use them- whether it comes down highly produced with client testimonials or just using software on your laptop while traveling solo -videos will give potential clients something more than their eyes crave: knowledge about who they’re buying from before deciding if this person has what they need where “it” matters most; price tags come off at closing time.


  • HOST A WEBINAR – A local lender, title company or even your favorite staging service can help you make the move to real estate ownership a little easier. Partnering up with one of these businesses will not only provide more information for potential buyers and sellers but also give them access in areas where they live that may be out-of-the way! Host an event on how this works by partnering with other professionals who are knowledgeable about different aspects such as financing options available locally residents might find helpful when buying their first home. A local home improvement company in your area might work with you to host a webinar about the top five most valuable improvements that can be made to homes for increased sales prices. These changes depend on where an individual resides, so it’s important information they don’t find online themselves!


  • LEVERAGE TRADITIONAL ADVERTISING MEDIA – Digital transformation is transforming the way we live our lives, but some older marketing tactics can still be used in a digital age. Print advertisements and billboards are an effective tool that real estate agents should consider when selling property for sale on the market today. As more people turn to online platforms or social media instead of these traditional forms of advertising then it has become necessary for businesses such as brokers who specialize solely with residential properties?to embrace new ways to gain attention from potential customers like Google Adwords campaigns which allow companies to spend money only if someone clicks their mouse after seeing one word linked associate term associated directly back with the company name.


  • CREATE A WEBSITE – As a real estate agent, you want to make sure that your website is up-to-date and presents the best possible image of what it has available. If prospective clients are looking for homes on their computer screens when they visit sites like Google or Bing–you’re going to have some good competition! Make sure all information about listings can be found easily via search engines so people who use those searches will end up at YOUR page rather than someone else’s empty site with zero content but plenty of ads. Do more than just list properties though – add helpful tools, pictures (if available), video clips/slideshows showcasing each space inside OR outside as appropriate.


  • OPTIMIZE YOUR WEBSITE FOR MOBILE – For any business people with websites, the quality of your site should be an important aspect. You want it to look as good on a phone screen or small laptop display as it does when you view from desktop monitors and large laptops in high-quality mode! In order for prospects not have deal with clunky mobile sites which can easily confuse them about what message is being delivered (if anything), make sure everything loads quickly without crashing – because if there’s one thing we’ve learned over these last few years…people won’t stick around long once something becomes too difficult/frustrating


  • BUILD A BlOG – One of the best ways to get found on Google is by blogging your knowledge. Start a blog and offer content that will appear in prospect search results every time, such as SEO-friendly articles or videos optimized for viewing across devices with ChromeCast (I love this!). When creating new posts make sure they are written so people can easily navigate from page one if needed – use headings like “How X Can Save You Time YZ.” Setting up an online shop helps too since many potential clients now look at products before buying them off websites! You need more than good links; optimize everything: create high quality images and infographics with excellent information.


  • COLLECT EMAILS – Your satisfied previous clients are an excellent resource for building trust and credibility through your real estate marketing. If a sale goes well, it’s important to touch base with the customers you helped in order get them on board as potential future referrals or buyers’ agents who can help boost your business! A good way of doing this is by including testimonials from past successes – speak positively about what they felt was most helpful during their process so others will know just why going through YOU would be terrific too. To make your website as attractive to clients and prospective customers, it’s a good idea to have plenty of content that is related but not too specific. This way people will be able to get an accurate sense of how well you’ve previously served others in their position without feeling uncomfortable asking any questions or seeking out more information themselves!


  • DEVELOP AN EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGN – If you’re serious about building your real estate empire, then it’s time to start marketing. That means sending out newsletters twice-a month with all the newest listings and contact info from our database! We’ll also include an image or video walkthrough if there is one available so that prospective buyers know exactly how they can tour a property without actually having any money down.


  • ASK FOR ADVOCACY – Sales referrals are an excellent way to get new outbound leads and potential clients. The lead comes from someone who you already know well enough, with whom there is rapport building that can be transferred over into the new relationship; allowing you close deals much faster than if it was just cold calling every customer! However getting sales referral isn’t always easy so many salesmen would rather rely on their own skillset or maybe even go through some other type of marketing plan instead – but not asking first might cost more in lost opportunities down the line. One thing’s for certain though: obtaining these high-value prospects as opposed to outright selling might seem like this huge burden at times due largely because people often feel hesitant about approaching friends/family members unless they’ve been asked first. What’s the best way to solve this dilemma? One solution is to have your agents ask for referrals when they are in front of their clients. Clients are happier to make referrals when the person has gone above and beyond already!


  • COLLECT TESTIMONIALS – Satisfied clients are an excellent resource for you to use in order build trust, credibility and momentum through your marketing. If a sale goes well then it’s important that the customers feel like their needs were met by working with them so touch base on what was done right during this transaction; otherwise how could they recommend others work together? One thing that will set you apart from the competition is if your content spreads fearlessly through social media. A website built on credibility and transparency can only be achieved by spreading quality information, not just empty promises or false hope—a concept that is well known in marketing: many marketers have made a living off serving people in their positions for years now! Once those pieces are put together — along with approval rights granted beforehand to project them publicly via this platform — then we’re all good!




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